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It isn’t easy dating an overly ambitious man. Work will always come first with him, and you will always feel like you are playing second fiddle. If you must date a man like that, keep these things in mind.

1. His work will always be his first love.

If you cannot handle that, then don’t date an overly ambitious man!

2. Don’t try to compete with his work.

Competing for his affections is silly. Work has its own place; you have your own. Never let him feel that you are jealous of his work, or his quest for success.

3. Give him as much space as he needs.

There will be days when he will be engrossed in work. There will be times when he won’t be able to think of anything but work. Let him have his space. He will come back to you when it all blows over.

4. Sometimes he won’t have a lot of time for you.

Sometimes he’ll be so busy with work, he ignores you. With an ambitious man, that could happen a lot, as ambitious men are usually workaholics. As far as time is concerned, it’ll be quality you get, not quantity.

5. His preoccupation with success doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

He still loves you in his own little way; he just isn’t very good at showing it! Believe in his love for you; don’t let your faith waver.

6. You will need a lot of patience.

Dating a man who’s main priority is success, practically needs you to be a saint. You will require immense patience. Go for it, only if you’re willing to stand it for the long haul.

7. Sometimes he will need you to bring out his light-hearted side.

Work, and the pursuit of success, can get stressful. Sometimes he might not even realize it, but he’ll need a break. He’ll need someone who doesn’t talk business all the time. In short, he’ll need you.

8. His successes or failures can affect his mood.

Although no one should be expected to put up with mood swings, the partners of extremely ambitious people often have to. His perceived failures or successes will affect him, more than others are affected by them.

9. Don’t talk work with him.

When he’s with you, he needs a break from everything. So, while you should definitely know the broader strokes of his work life, you don’t have to talk about it incessantly.

10. When he succeeds, he won’t forget your support.

He will always remember that you were there by his side when no one else was and supported him through thick and thin. You are, and will always be, his rock.