With the massive onslaught of articles about what women can do to be more appealing out there, here’s a short but comprehensive list of things that can make the men tick and click for anybody who wants to get with them.

1. When a guy is really into something.

When a guy nerds out over something to the point that he knows everything about it and gets really excited talking about it, it’s a major turn on. It shows you invested he is in it and how much he loves spending his time telling somebody who will listen.

2. When he’s got a unique smell.

Everybody appreciates a well-groomed, clean man. Some pheromones mixed in with a fresh scent is enough to make anybody like you when men are often disliked primarily for not being concerned about self-care.

3. Rolling sleeves up doesn’t hurt.

There’s something about plain raw masculinity that is easily displayed when a guy rolls his sleeves up. It’s active and intentional, things that everybody loves about a person but what a way to show it.

4. Dressing well.

I’m sorry if men feel outraged by this one but a guy who puts some thought into how he dresses gets so MANY bonus points, it’s insane. The effort shows and it’s really refreshing to see a man actually bother about how he looks instead of being cocky and saying, “Do the clothes really matter?”

5. When they laugh.

When men laugh wholeheartedly about something that genuinely cracks them up, it’s an instant turn on. It’s an invitation to see them when they’re feeling free and relaxed, something that lots of men hide underneath the need to be highly masculine.

6. When a guy has nice hands.

This isn’t weird actually. It’s really nice to hold and be held in hands that are soft and clean. Even if they’re rough from work (again, archaic ideas), the way a man uses those hands to hold somebody can do wonders. And also, just clean nails, thank you.

7. When he has good choice in music.

This one is such a big one. Sure, everyone has music choices dependent on their mood but everyone knows the difference between good and bad music. Put some indie, folk and ambient house music on your list, men. Trust me.

8. When he can cook.

Everybody likes a good meal. With patriarchal ideas of gender roles keeping the men away from kitchens, it’s a huge turn on to know a guy can cook, and well too, even if it’s a signature dish he makes like a five star chef.

9. When he’s kind.

This one melts and turns everybody on and it’s completely true. It could be as simple as being polite with a waiter and being decent while calling one instead of snapping your fingers or whistling (which people tend to do a lot). This one’s will rack up the points.

10. When you’re made to feel safe and loved.

This one goes without saying. Any man who can make you feel comfortable and protected is bound to become hot in your eyes and give you the warm fuzzies.

Men, you’ve got to come up with your A game. Hope you’re ready.