Image Source: Femina Laredo

Girls turn men on in so many ways everyday. Sometimes they do it without even realizing the effect they are having. Here are some of them.

1. Bite her lip.

When girls bite or lick their lips, whoa. Guys stop in their wake, just to look. There could be nothing sexier to a guy, than a girl biting her lip.

2. Play with her hair.

Twirling it around her finger, flipping it and stroking it, hair is one of a girl’s foremost weapons to seduce men, and they use it to the fullest.

3. Flaunt her independence.

Guys love independent girls, and nothing turns them on more than a girl who doesn’t need them.

4. Lick something and really enjoy it.

Ice cream, chocolate or something else, nothing can beat a girl indulging in something she really likes, and enjoying it to the fullest. It’s sexy as hell!

5. Do a slow hair shake.

There’s something about watching a girl let her hair free from the shackles of a scrunchie, and shake it up. It can be enthralling to watch, especially if the girl has long, gorgeous, silky hair. It’s a ruse shampoo commercials have always relied on.

6. Play sports passionately.

When a girl kicks that ball like nobody’s business, and lets go of all inhibitions to play with abandon, it’s really sexy. Girls may not know it, but it sure turns guys on.

7. Put on make up.

There’s something very sensual and intimate about watching a girl do up her face, and preen in front of the mirror. It’s like a glimpse into a world that she likes to keep a secret.

8. Getting up with smudged kohl.

There’s nothing sexier than a girl’s face in the morning, straight out of bed, shorn of makeup. Add a touch of smudged mascara or kohl to it, and you have a smoldering hot look.

9. Letting go of inhibitions.

There’s a reason movies always show guys falling in love with a girl dancing in the rain, singing her lungs out, or practicing a sport with passion. It’s because there is nothing like a girl who lets go with abandon and follows her passions.

10. Being vocal about her desires.

With girls forever being told to keep quiet, be more ladylike, and keep their thoughts to themselves, a woman who speaks her mind without caring is a breath of fresh air, and sexy to boot!