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Girls, have you always wondered if the things you do annoy your boyfriends or rub them the wrong way? A thread on Reddit, Ask Reddit, aimed to answer this question. And answer it did. The list was long! And after a lot of reading, here’s the compact summary of the answers you need to read.

1. Posting passive aggressive status updates or quote images on social media websites after a silly fight and expecting them to deduce the meaning underlying them.

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2. Telling your girlfriends every single detail of your relationship, sexual and emotional, without keeping anything private.

3. Saying, ‘nothing’s wrong’ or brushing it off with “I’m fine” when you’re clearly upset. This anger, however, shows up later when the guy fails to understand the silence.

4. Talking about your ex — the things he did and the way he showed affection, among other things, when it’s absolutely unnecessary.

5. Fixating on what he’s thinking or continuously asking him what he’s thinking, especially when nothing’s going on in his mind.

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6. Expecting him to do things but giving into double standards when you’re expected to do the same things — paying for the date or talking to your guy friends.

7. Wanting him to change his lifestyle or the things he does and then losing all the respect you have for him because he doesn’t take charge.

8. Seeing him as a project you can fix and turning him into something you want, instead of accepting him for who he is.

9. Having incredibly high expectations and expecting him to make these grand gestures, but never acknowledging the little things he does.

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10. Using your emotions as a weapon to get out of things, such as dismissing an important discussion with tears or making him feel bad to get your way.