Image Source: Glamour

New relationships are lovely, fresh and dreamy, but they come with their fair share of struggles too. Anxiety, uncertainty, not knowing if he/she likes you back-new relationships certainly aren’t a piece of cake!

1. Knowing just how much time to spend together.

If you hang out too much, it amounts to being clingy, and if it is too little, you lose out on precious time together. It is a hard decision to make, and you always get varying answers from all your friends.

2. The struggle deciding when to introduce them to your friends.

Should you introduce him/her to your friends yet? Is it too early? Will your friends accept him/her into the circle, or just be judgmental?

3. Defining the relationship.

The topper of all awkwardness, is deciding where you’re at in a relationship. You accidentally call them your girlfriend/boyfriend, and then realize they’re not there yet, or vice versa. It’s awkward.

4. Your first big fight.

This is one milestone every relationship goes through. Your first proper fight, and how you deal with it tells you a lot about the future of the relationship.

5. Dealing with their past.

If you are a secure, mature individual, you will realize that everyone has a history of dating other people and that is no indication of you as a partner. But sometimes it can be hard to come to terms with, and accept your significant other’s past.

6. Figuring out how open to be.

There’s sharing, and then there’s oversharing. You want your new partner to be a part of your life, and know all about you, but you’re also afraid you’ll scare them away with your quirkiness.

7. Getting to know his/her friends.

That’s always an awkward moment. Will they like you, or will you be the outsider who stole their friend? Meeting a significant other’s friends can be scary, sometimes even scarier than meeting family.

8. Realizing that your partner is different from your exes.

Everyone isn’t the same, and what you might have done in a previous relationship, may not work in this one.

9. Getting past the honeymoon period.

There comes a point in every relationship when you realize it just doesn’t have the ‘new relationship smell’ anymore, and has settled into a comfortable companionship. It comes as a blow, but you also realize that you’re destined to be together.

10. The dreaded three words.

Knowing when to say ‘I love you’, or worse hearing it and not being ready to say it back, can be confusing and scary. You might have a lot of false starts, but you’ll get there in the end.