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1. Stop complaining for a week

That’s it. It’s that simple. Just don’t complain about the not-so-great things that are happening in your life for a week. Yes, just one damn week. How hard can it be? Now stop complaining an give it a shot.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

You’re unique. You’re one in a million. There isn’t anyone else like you on this entire planet. We all know this, but tend to forget it when it matters most. So forget about who’s doing what, do just your own thing.

3. Stop procrastinating

The recipe you wanted to learn, the exercise routine you wanted to start, that super-secret project you’ve always dreamed of finishing, that movie or book idea. Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen.

4. Stop feeling bad for yourself

You’re here because of a decision you made, simply because you wanted it. So don’t sit around moping and feeling bad for yourself. Don’t be a victim of your own life – sit up, get up, step out, attack and conquer.

5. Stop trying to get things done

If you’ve been trying to do something for a long time and it’s not been working out, screw it, don’t do it. Let it go. Not moving ahead from a particular task leads to stagnation of energy. Simply move on to a new project.

6. Stop buying stuff you don’t need

The next time your see yourself in a shop, holding something in your hand that’s caught your eye – keep it back. Then look at it and think if you really really really need it – will your life change if you don’t buy it?

7. Stop worrying about the future

The future’s a place where we all want the best things to happen to us. But constantly worrying about that, we tend to mess up what we have now. Truth is, the future is simply built up of places called now. Live, now.

8. Stop cluttering up your space

Whether it’s your office workspace or your room in the house – don’t fill it up with a truckload of things. Pack away or donate things you don’t need, throw away what’s useless, keep only the purely essential things.

9. Stop being an adult all the time

Adulthood is overrated, childhood is where it’s all that. So lay off the task list, unhook the phone and stall responsibility for a day or two. Then kick back and do the things that made you truly happy as a child.

10. Stop rushing into things

Rushing to work, rushing to answer the phone, rushing through lunch, rushing for the movie, rushing to get back home. Give it all a freaking break. Slow the hell down. Enjoy the journey, stop rushing to the destination.