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Being a land of enormous cultural diversity, India has many different people coming from many different regions, with each region harboring its own set of beliefs and superstitions. Some of them are unreasonable, and many of them ridiculous, yet they live on in the twenty-first century.

Here are ten superstitions modern India still believes in and is obsessed with.

1. 13 is an unlucky number.









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2. Cutting your nails on Saturdays can bring you bad luck.

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3. Widows are unlucky.


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4. Menstruating women are impure and shouldn’t enter places of worship.

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5. Sleeping with a knife or a pair of scissors under your pillow can help avoid bad dreams.


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6. Someone sneezing before you start a new task is inauspicious.

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7. Breaking of glass is a bad omen.

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8. A black spot made with a kajal pencil can help ward off negative energy.

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9. If a black cat crosses your path, you’re likely to fail in your upcoming tasks.








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10. Sweeping floors in the evening can drive Goddess Laxmi away.


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