Though there are several ways to increase productivity, the hardest part often is to implement those changes into our lives. But the good news it that being productive is a continuous process and even the smallest effort can have a big impact on your productivity. Keeping this in mind, we’ve listed 10 really small and easy changes that can spark a huge change.

1. Before leaving from work each day, write down the first three things to do the next morning.

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2. Start your morning with water, not coffee.

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3. Make your to-do list before checking your emails.

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4. Set a limit on the time spent on emails.

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5. Get tough tasks finished first.

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6. Divide your schedule into 90-minute time blocks, take a 20-minute break after each block.

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7. Start using Post-its to remind yourself of your goals.

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8. Shut down programs or close websites you don’t need.

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9. Before calling clients or walking into meetings, write down the key goals for those calls and meetings.

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10. Have a fixed no-meetings day every week.

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