Image Source: IDN Times

How do you know if she’s the one? Granted, you love her more than you’ve ever loved anyone before, and can’t stop thinking about her. But is she really a keeper? Read the signs, and find out!

1. You never need an apology from each other. After every fight, no matter who’s fault it is, you hug and make up, without waiting for apologies or pointing fingers at each other.

2. You want to spend your “me-time” with her. It never feels like she’s infringing on your time, instead you want to spend all your time with her. She makes you so happy that you miss her terribly when she’s not around.


3. She is an intellectual challenge for you. It is important to be with someone who is on the same wavelength as you, intellectually, and challenges you every day.

4. You always think about her first. Whether you’re eating out, on a date, or even when she’s not there, her comfort is paramount to you. And she responds with the same consideration towards you.

5. You’re open about your finances. No hiding, no inflating your bank balance, and no white lies. Everything is transparent and shared between you two.

6. Your friends love her. They adore her, and think she’s the one for you.

7. You have no awkward silences between you. Every conversation you have is sparkling, and every silence is meaningful and comfortable.

8. You can’t think of anything better than seeing her after a long day at work. You miss her, and want to be with her as soon as possible. You’re at your happiest when you’re with her.


9. She makes you feel secure, rather then jealous. You know where you stand with her, and know she will try to make you feel jealous.

10. You can be yourself around her. Quirky, crazy and mad— she’s seen you at your worst and at your best, and knows you inside out. There are no masks around her.