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After passing through the tough phase of a breakup with your ex-boyfriend, you might feel like reconnecting with him as a friend because of all the good times you’ve had in the past. And sure, it’s a good move. But you may eventually find out that he still has feelings for you and wants you back in his life. Unfortunately, you will not be able to sustain your friendship with him if that is the case.

But how do you tell if he hasn’t completely moved on? Here are the signs.

He drunk dials and texts you

You and you ex-boyfriend may have broken up months ago, but if he drunk dials and texts you — especially if he goes on and on about his feelings for you — it’s a clear sign that he loves you and wants you back.

He is upset to hear that you’ve moved on

If he gets upset whenever you talk about dating another guy or just casually flirting with boys, then that means he still has the possessiveness of a boyfriend towards you.

He tries to ask about you from your mutual friends

It can get really uncomfortable if many of your friends start coming up to you and tell you that he keeps asking about you. His attempts at trying to learn about your personal life through others is not healthy.

He wants to talk about the breakup again and again

There’s a tendency to bring up the breakup in a conversation with your ex — but these moments are few and far between. If he’s doing it regularly, then it shows that he hasn’t gotten over the pain of the breakup.

He still uses the gifts you gave him

Have you seen him use the gifts that you gifted to him back back while you were dating? Gifts are the easiest things to cling on to if you miss the person who gifted them to you.

Image Source: Lovepanky

He keeps trying to get in touch with you

Whether it’s his favorite book that he lent to you back in the day or randomly ask you for an old friend’s contact number, you should consider that he’s probably just coming up with excuses to speak to you.

He’s always willing to help you

It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation is; whenever you’re in trouble, he’s ready. He won’t mind going out of his way, like riding from 25 km away to come to your help even when it’s completely unnecessary.

He has stayed single since the breakup

If you learn from your mutual friends that he hasn’t tried dating again and that he prefers to just stay single till he gets the right girl, then you’re probably the right girl he’s waiting for.

He gets angry at you for little or no reason

If he gets angry and upset at you, especially when there’s little or no reason, it’s a sign that the anger from your breakup still remains within him, and that can affect your friendship with him.

He still has pictures and old texts of yours

You’ll know that he isn’t over you when you find that he still has pictures and old texts of yours, which he has stored safely just to keep reminding himself of all the memorable moments from the past.