There’s a misconception that women are really difficult to approach. Honestly, if you’re going to be creepy and weird with stupid flirting methods, then ain’t no woman going to give you any attention. If you’re one of the non-creepy ones out there, here are 10 signs that women will also be open enough.

1. When she can hold her own.

Women aren’t blasé. They can hold it together and carry themselves with grace and poise. When a woman can move around independently in spaces that she’s expected to go to with other people in tow, she’s definitely approachable.

2. When she’s dressed like a regular person.

Different occasions call for different ways of dressing. When a woman is dressed like a regular person in comfortable, simple clothes on average, chances are she’s a pretty chilled person.

3. When she seems to be enjoying herself.

There isn’t a single person on the planet who is unhappy with seeing somebody their interested in enjoying themselves. A happy woman is an approachable woman.

4. When her body language is relaxed.

Women can often hold up body language that’s defensive but it’s only to protect themselves. If you don’t creep her out, a woman will relax and most definitely give you a chance.

5. When there’s minimal make-up happening.

A lot of women like make-up but excessively amounts of it can put some people off. I personally think women shouldn’t be judged for putting make up but I’ve also observed men go for those who wear it lesser. Each to his own on this one.

6. When she gives you opportunity to speak.

Most women attempt to explain their actions and thoughts primarily because of being conditioned to doing more to sound legitimate. When a lady pauses to let you speak, you know she’s more than willing to listen and have a good rapport.

7. When she makes eye contact.

Eye contact is a very intimate thing. Most people have trouble with it, so if she does make eye contact with you, you’re in the clear.

8. When she’s comfortable with physical proximity.

There’s good reason for women to not be comfortable with physical proximity but when they are, it’s pretty refreshing.

9. When she’s spontaneous.

Women can be a little high-strung and careful for many, many reasons. But it doesn’t mean she can’t be in the moment and do something instantly. When a lady can quell her fears enough to let her hair down, you’ve got a good one.

10. When she’s polite.

Again, women are often rude to defend themselves as opposed to wanting to be actively rude. When she’s trying her best to be polite, you know she’s approachable.

What are you doing? Go get the girl!