Parents With Baby In Bed

Image Source: Apex

When whining about being ‘forever alone’, and having no one to love us, we often forget about our parents. We forget how much they love and care for us. With them around, we’re never alone. Here’s an ode to the millions of ways parents make life better.

1. They brought you into the world.

Your very first contact with the world was via your parents. From a little sperm among millions, to a developing fetus, to a helpless infant, your parents have always taken care of you, and always will.

2. They love you more than anyone ever will.

No partner can love you like your parents do. Their love is unconditional, selfless and completely devoid of expectations. Whatever they do for you, they do out of love.

3. They won’t be around forever.

Tell them how much you love them while you can, or you’ll regret it when they’re gone. Parents don’t stay with us forever, so take this opportunity to love and cherish them.

4. They have always taught you to be yourself.

All of your qualities, traits, quirks-you have picked them all up from your parents. Good or bad, consciously or subconsciously. They taught you to follow your dreams and never pretend to be someone you’re not.

5. They will always believe in you.

Your parents are the only people in the world whose faith in you never wavers. They think you are awesome, no matter what you do, and always trust you and have faith in your abilities, much more than you do yourself.

6. They love you selflessly.

You always had the best of everything, even if that meant they had to do without. They never asked you for anything, or expected things from you.

7. They have given up their dreams for yours.

There must have been so many things your parents wanted to accomplish, so many dreams they wanted to live. But they gave them all up, so that you could have what you wanted.

8. They will always love you, no matter what you do.

Nothing’s gonna change their love for you. You can be the best son or daughter in the world, or the worst, but they will still love you and watch out for you. It is physically impossible to make your parents stop loving you or worrying about you.

9. You’ve known them the longest.

Acquaintances come and go, so do friends. But your parents will always be there for you. They have known you since you were born and have always loved you.

10. They have guided, shaped and made you the person you are.

If you have anyone to thank for the person you are, it’s your parents. They have taught you almost everything you know, and more importantly, have brought you up to be a decent person. Thank them before it’s too late.