Image Source: Thought Catalog

What with Tinder being all the rage, love seems just a swipe away. But there are some people who still hold out for the old-fashioned methods of finding love, and would rather stay single, than find love online. Find out why.

1. Single-dom is appealing.

There’s more to life than being in a relationship. Being single can afford so much happiness to people. They have their work, friends, hobbies and pets to give them happiness, and are not looking for someone to share a life with. Single-dom can be really freeing and enjoyable.

2. There isn’t much variety online.

Would you shop from a site that has limited products and all of the same design? No, right? If online dating is likened to shopping, you will find that the products are all stale, undesirable and second hand? It can be tough finding interesting people online.

3. The freedom of being single appeals to some people.

There is nothing as freeing as living alone. You can get up when you want to, be your grossest self, and hog a whole pizza by yourself without anyone to judge you or make you do the right thing. Who wouldn’t love that?

4. Happiness can be found offline too.

Once you take your eyes off the computer screen, you realize how interesting and cool the real world is. There are activities and opportunities galore, and the things you can do online, are just a fraction of them.

5. Love isn’t something you can put in your cart and order.

Online dating can seem a lot like online shopping. Apply the desired filters, compare products, pick what you want to buy and order it. But in the case of online dating, there isn’t always an exchange option!

6. There’s more to love than an algorithm.

Many online dating and match-making sites rely on algorithms to pair people up. But can a machine ever really understand what causes love, when humans themselves haven’t been able to figure that out yet? Love often happens between the most unexpected of pairs, sometimes with nothing in common. How can an algorithm be expected to take all that into account?

7. Dating isn’t always fun.

Studies show that singles tend to happier than serial daters, followed by people in long term relationships. If you have found love, great, but if not, perhaps it is better to be single than to date a series of bad choices, hoping to stumble across love.

8. Tinder is great for dating and hooking up, not so good for finding love.

Most people who are on online dating sites like Tinder and Woo, are looking for a quick coffee date, and maybe sex later. Some may be looking for good conversation, someone to bond and spend time with. But very few are looking for love.

9. Online dating can be risky.

There’s no telling who your date will be- a serial killer, a date rapist, or just an entitled fuck boy. You don’t know until you meet them, and by then it’s usually too late.

10. Good old ‘love at first sight’ still exists.

There’s hope for love yet. There are still people out there who hold love sacred, and wait to be swept off their feet and fall head over heels for someone, before they commit. A right swipe, a coffee date and a quickie, just doesn’t cut it for them!