Meditating, de-cluttering and being kind to others are ways to be happy we’ve all heard about. Here are some quirkier, but nevertheless effective, ways you should try.

1. Travel.

Travel opens your mind to other cultures and ways of life. It enriches your experiences, and makes sure you live a well-rounded, satisfied life.

2. Keep a diary or a journal.

Documenting your day-to-day activities might seem boring and tedious, but it is a way to revisit your experiences. Rereading a diary and reliving prior experiences brings joy and happiness.

3. Be nice to strangers.

A smile, an offered seat on a train, or even just small talk with strangers does wonders for your happiness. Just chatting with the barista at your usual coffee place, or a small conversation with the person seated next to you on a train or a bus, can enhance happiness levels. Humans are social creatures.

4. Listen to sad songs.

This bit of seemingly counter productive advice actually helps! Sad songs provide release to our emotions and ease out the sadness from our hearts. And of course, music is always a mood booster!

5. Develop a sense of culture.

Going to a museum, watching a music concert, or appreciating art, have been known to boost moods and cause higher levels of happiness in people. Use that to your advantage.

6. Spend money on experiences, not material things.

It is our experiences that stay with us and truly make us happy! It is those that we remember and cherish. Material things don’t provide happiness beyond a certain point.

7. Set attainable goals.

Setting goals you can’t achieve will only promote a sense of inadequacy and failure. Set goals that you can achieve and set about achieving them.

8. Feast your eyes.

Beauty has a way of appealing to the soul and making us happy. Look at beautiful things; visit an art exhibition or log on to Instagram.

9. Exercise.

Exercise releases endorphin’s that help us stay happy. It is also good for the body.

10. Eat fresh fruits and veggies.

Fresh, natural produce not only keeps your body healthy, it ups happiness levels too. Your body healthier and you feel good about making smart dietary choices. Processed foods, on the other hand, slow down your body’s metabolism and send you down an unending spiral or guilt.