Image Source: Sources of Insight

Time management, when done right, can really change the trajectory of your success and life. For example, if you reach your workplace late, then you’re forced to wait back and finish those tasks. But if you reach early, you get done early and your day doesn’t seem too long.

No one wants to be burdened with pending reports or deadlines. And the best way to manage your time to be more productive and successful is by following these quick tips.

1. Create a daily plan in the night or in the morning. This plan will give you a clearer overview of your day and acts as a reminder to keep you on track.

2. Assign a time limit for each task. Be clear that you need to finish the first task at a particular time and then continue to finish the other tasks at the time assigned to them.

3. Use an organizer. An organizer helps you be on top of everything and gives you immediate access to your plans, your projects, your to-do lists, and other information.

4. Use a calendar. A calendar is the best way to manage your daily activities. It helps you keep track of your plans and allows you to access your schedule with ease.

5. Learn to say no. You don’t have to agree to everything that comes your way. Don’t take on more than you can handle. If there are distractions, say a firm no.

6. Track your time. Tracking your time gives you an insight on how much time you spend on a single task and gives you lessons on how to improve yourself.

7. Prioritize your work. If a difficult task needs your attention, then finish that particular task before you move on to something else.

8. Eliminate time wasters. Stop checking Facebook, Twitter or email often and use that time to focus on more productive activities.

9. Focus on what you’re doing. Instead of relying on multi-tasking, focus on a single task and you’ll see the quality and quantity in your work.

10. Leave buffer time. Don’t organize your tasks too close together. Give yourself some breathing space when you’re working and you won’t feel stressed through the day.