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In our quest to do more, we often end up with a plateful of tasks every day. But because there’s only so much that we can do in a day, we end up with a lot of unfinished business as the day comes to a close. What’s required, therefore, is a set of tools that can help you identify, organize, and track your tasks, and as a result, help you move through them much faster. To help you to this end, we give you a definitive roundup of 10 kick ass productivity apps.

Google Now

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It helps to have an assistant by your side as you go about your daily routine. Google Now plays that part of a digital assistant buddy really well, especially for Android users. (In the case of Apple, you might prefer Siri.) It picks up your online behavior and gives you information that you’re interested in, like sports and news, and displays calendar events and the like.


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If you like to take quick notes, not just text but in audio-visual formats, and store documents and webpages for personal interest or research, don’t look beyond Evernote. It acts as a digital notebook that carries all your notes, data, documents, and everything else digital so you don’t have to work with a physical notebook. It’s a great way to go paperless.


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Consuming online content is now such an integral part of our lives that we spend hours surfing through websites and social media channels for interesting reads every day. But, reading everything that catches your eye right away hampers productivity. So, Pocket helps you save articles for reading later while allowing you to focus on your tasks at hand.

Digg Reader

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While Pocket helps you save articles for later, you need an app that can help you find interesting reads in the first place. That’s where Digg Reader steps in. You can add and read the feeds of all your favorite websites directly from Digg Reader. In addition, it tells you what’s popular on the web at the moment so that your finger stays on the pulse.

Google Drive

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Google Drive is an easy-to-use cloud-based service that lets you create text documents, spreadsheets, slides, and so on, save it in real-time, and share it with others. It also allows you to upload all your files on it so that you can carry them around everywhere. It allows 15 GB of storage, including for Gmail and Google Photos, and is great if you use other Google tools.


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While Dropbox, like Google Drive, is a cloud storage platform, it can be used alongside Google Drive. It’s more reliable, fast, secure, and allows excellent third-party integration. I’d suggest using Dropbox alongside Google Drive and use each platform depending on your exact needs at the time, like saving important documents (Dropbox) or quickly creating them (Google Drive).


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Undoubtedly among the best to-do list apps out there, Wunderlist lets you create specific lists, like ‘groceries’ and ‘movies to watch’, and add relevant tasks to them. It allows you to share these lists with others, like family and colleagues, making collaboration fun and easy. And its reminder feature helps you remember due dates and important events. It’s a real keeper.


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Trello, like Wunderlist, is used for managing tasks, but in a different form. Instead of a linear list of tasks, Trello provides a digital bulletin board where you can create or put up lists or projects and add cards to them. These cards can be both textual and audio-visual. You can also organize the lists in such a way so as to track the project cycle for the completion of each task.


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Toggl is not necessary unless you work from home, but is a handy tool to stay productive. It’s a simple web and app time tracking tool that lets you record the time you spend on different tasks throughout the day. The tool is ridiculously easy to use, helps you stay focused on the tasks at hand, and sends you summaries of how you spent your time every day.


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Noisli is excellent for environments that tend to be loud and distracting. It’s a web and app service that allows you to mix different sounds, like that of wind, rain, thunderstorm, and forest, and create an atmosphere of either productivity or relaxation. I’ve found this app to be enormously useful for me, so I’d request you to at least give it an honest chance.