People are mostly shopping online these days. Online shopping allows you to shop with ease and from the comfort of your home, as you receive your order at your doorstep. It doesn’t get better than that. But there are ways in which you can save some time and money while shopping online, as well as have an easier time doing it. Here are 10 hacks that you must try.

1. While shopping online, if you’re using a shopping portal for the first time, always remember to register and then check for the ‘New User First Purchase Discount Offer’. It’s a discount you get on your first purchase on a portal.

2. To avoid spending time scrolling through the website and previewing all the products, make use of the size, price, and brand filters to find only those products that meet your requirements.

3. Before making a purchase, check other shopping portals to compare the price of the products and try to get the best possible deal with a low shipping cost.

4. Stick to websites that offer free shipping and offer easy return and exchange policies so that you don’t regret buying something that doesn’t fit you later.

5. Add the items you’d love to buy but are currently overpriced to your wishlist. Once the price of the product is reduced, you’ll get a notification about the price drop and you can then buy the product at a cheaper price.

6. Do your online shopping mainly on Wednesdays and during festivals; these are the times you get the best deals on offer on various e-commerce websites.

7. Don’t forget to use the ‘Refer a friend and avail Rs. 500 off’ offer by inviting your friends to register on a portal or by registering from several email accounts to get a discount in your original account.

8. Follow the social media pages of your favorite shopping portals so that you can keep track of their offers and make purchases at cheaper prices.

9. Most e-commerce portals offer extra discounts on their mobile apps. So download and use the apps of your favorite portals rather than the websites.

10. Before buying a product, always go through the review and rating section of the product to confirm its quality. Public consensus should give you a good idea about how good a product it’s that you’re buying.