Women can be turned on by a myriad of things, but here are the most unusual and baffling ones!

1. Stubble.

Women may claim to like clean shaven guys, but a bit of a stubble is an indicator of virility and masculinity, and women are biologically wired to be attracted to that.

2. Being bossed around.

It has nothing to do with not being a feminist. Even proven feminists have been known to be turned on by a little bossing around, a commanding voice and some rough treatment. It’s hot in a very masochistic way.

3. Hairy forearms and hands on a guy.

Some like them hairy, some don’t. But no woman can deny the charm of a pair of muscular, toned arms, with a smattering of hair. It’s hot and manly.

4. The smell of leather.

It’s strange, but studies have shown women are drawn to the smell of musky leather. There’s something very macho about leather, and it turns women on.

5. Fresh breath and sparkling teeth.

Looks like all those freshener-mint ads were right after all! The guy with the sparkling teeth, gets the girl!

6. Vanilla.

It’s not just yum in cakes. Vanilla essence is a known aphrodisiac, and has been shown to be effective in turning women on.

7. Hot, sweaty guys.

There’s just something about seeing a guy be in full-on masculine mode, fixing a leak, lifting benches or doing other heavy work, that stirs something up in every woman.

8. Being worshiped like a goddess.

Having a man treat them like a princess, and cater to their every whim, can turn some girls on. Having a slave to do whatever you want night and day, can be fun, and goddess-worship is a real fetish a lot of guys have.

9. Flaws.

Women don’t want perfection; they find flaws endearing. By popular opinion, women seem to be more turned on by guys with a slightly lopsided smile, or crooked teeth, than by perfect, conventionally good looking guys.

10. Respect.

Respect seems like a strange thing to get turned on by, isn’t it? But in the sea of entitled, misogynistic guys, and pseudo-feminists, a guy who truly respects women, can really stand out.