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As they say – If you want to reap benefits, sow the right seeds now! Life believes in rules and those who learn them early – make the most of it.

The Universe works on the give and take phenomenon. What we give out into the universe, comes back to us – that is Karma in it’s easiest form.

Without wasting too much of your time with philosophical tones – Here are some simple rules and life tips that can gain you success in both life and business.

1. Follow Your Passion

There are really very few of us who truly follow their passion. Irony it is – but a fact! Another fact is that most of the people who have achieved true greatness, whether as entrepreneurs, scientists or artists – they have done so through perseverance and by truly following their passion.

“Don’t settle for average, work towards greatness”

What distinguishes the “great” from the “average” is certainty and passion. “When you are absolutely certain and passionate about something, it will become your reality” – Tony Robbins-

We are definitely not asking you to quit your job and start looking for a professional career. But you must remember that we live but once.

In his book The 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferris says:

Put life into perspective for a second. There a millions of people that are simply existing, not living. We’re fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to live, breathe, walk, talk and sleep on this beautiful earth, so why WOULDN’T you take every opportunity to pursue something that makes you happy?

Sick of your job? Find one that’s more fulfilling.

In a crappy relationship? End it.

Hate how fat you’ve become? (Excuse the abruptness) EAT HEALTHY FOOD AND EXERCISE.

Find what you’re passionate about and pursue it.

2. Be Extraordinary

If there is no difference between how you do things and how others do it, then it is really hard to succeed.

“The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

Emmitt Smith once said that  “All men are created equal. Some work harder in preseason”. We all are born with skills and talents. However, what separates the good from the best, is the background action.

In order to attain the best, you need to gain an edge that would give you an advantage!

What you need to do is put in more hard work, think smarter, practice longer and want it with more passion. Always remember that there is someone else out there who wants the same as you want, and just as much, or may be even more. It is you who have to ensure that you get it instead of them.

Whatever may be the achievement, it is the extraordinary person who attracts it all because he is the one willing to go that extra mile.

So, become extraordinary!

3. Add Value

Some say – You will never be wrong if you are valuable.

So how do you become valuable? It simply means you add value. That is a quality you take with you everywhere.

To put it simply, value is anything that someone would be willing to put a price on.

As a professional, the more value you offer, the better money you make.

While in personal life, more value leads to better relationships and upward personal growth.

Now, the best way to add value, is by understanding what people are willing to pay for and what you can provide them.

So, be productive, take charge and add value to your employer, employee as well as loved ones.

4. Make a Start

“TODAY is someday”

So, begin today, now. Start with adding value to your own life. Do it by taking action. Action is what remains missing in most peoples’ “recipe for success”.

Many do not reach their full potential because they never start.  They keep looking for `the right moment’ and lose out completely as there never would be a right moment.

Did you say, you said this to yourself last year? Or was it last month?

M.H. Harris , in his book Start Today talks about this phenomenon – People are always preparing, planning and waiting for the best time to start, but the key isn’t in the timing, it’s simply – just starting.

Begin with asking yourself if you’ve been postponing something for “the right moment”.

Come to think about it – what is the worse thing that can happen if you start right now? Probably, you would be a few days ahead. That can never be a bad bet?

Right now, if you are one of those waiting to begin something,  you should stop reading this post and take off on what you have been waiting to begin.

As far as this article goes – it will still be here when you get back.

5. Get some mentors

“You are the average of your 5 closest friends”

Mentors are the reason behind the success of successful people.  People usually give credit a mentor or a set of people/friends who helped them reach where they are today. Everyone makes a start somewhere and needs help at one or the other stage in their lives.

Most of these mentors are people who have experienced the treaded path and will help you get through quicker. Why? Because you would not make the mistakes that they have made.

If your aim is to be healthy, find a trainer/mentor who inspires you. Don’t hesitate. Find out what they do, go ahead and copy them, become their disciple. Learn the gab.

Similarly, if you want to be wealthy, then find someone who is already that. They would be the best mentors as they have been through the trials and tribulations and know how to tackle them.

Most of us are hesitant and do not engage in mentoring relations. Success has a lot to do with finding the right mentor. Don’t delay, go out and find one for yourself if you do not already have one!

6. Build a support network

A support group is not only like a cushion during pitfalls but also acts as a complete circle of “guides” besides being a group that will work together to build similar goals and would be responsible for one another.

Take a look at this:

Someone with a motivational Instagram account who boasts of 25,000 followers at the moment is not a happy man. As he says – “Another similar Instagram account owner sought my help to promote his page when we both had about 10,000 followers. I declined due to some other preoccupation.

With the help of another support network, his page now has 45,000 followers.’’

Lesson learnt?

Besides, this group acts as a solace and is extremely helpful in the times of distress. You know that there is someone who is ready to listen to your frustrations and clear away the self doubt to encourage your move ahead.

It’s also good to have someone who understands and has been through the same hurdles and problems that you are facing. It’s therapeutic.

Want to grow in life? Create a support group for yourself.

7. Know your finances

You must have met people who play with numbers. They just remember it all. A business requires you to be very quick and good with numbers. To understand your finances you need to be at least aware of the basic principles.

Many people are traumatized by the mention of numbers. But if you are into a business or wish to venture into one, start taking your number lessons – Talk about net worth, assets and liabilities.

Do not get bothered by numbers, it will only hurt you. If you need to grow in life and be financially free, you need to be aware of how to keep score and thus keep a sound track of your business.

Yes! You can hire an accountant for your financial dealings. However, you need to learn them yourself too.

If you wish to take some lessons – there are plenty of them on the internet. Check them out to get over your hiccups regarding the difficulty with numbers. And for the lazy ones, there are some valuable videos too!

If money is important aspect of success strategy, it is all the more reason why you should brush up your fundamentals.

Make sure to finish your homework before taking the plunge.

8. Seek and take help

Our ego is one bad thing – creating the biggest of hindrances in our success. It is the root cause of we not seeking `Help’.

Many of us have a tendency to do ourselves and most of the “entrepreneurs” are the same. We believe that if anything can be done right, we have to do it yourself.

Yes, it is important to know things in life as well as business. However, that does not mean that you need to do everything yourself. As far as learning is concerned, you should continue doing it, but there are times when you should utilize your ability elsewhere.

Delegation is the key to productivity and efficiency.

If you intend to outsource some of your business, Elance is a good option to find some quality freelancers, hiring virtual assistants from overseas is another good idea.

9. Know how to sell

Even a mediocre idea can earn you rewards if you know how to sell well! If you don’t believe, you just might ask Donald Trump.

For entrepreneurs, this is a must have quality. Even if you have the greatest budding business idea, but if you can’t sell it, your future is bleak and you will not attract good investors or talented employees.

In fact, this quality is important ingredient of the success recipe and everyone needs to develop in some amount. Securing a good job also involves selling yourself. Besides, success at your job too means constantly selling your skills along with the value of services that you are providing.

Have you ever noticed, selling is what we do so often – Trying to sell someone on a purchase choice or even a restaurant selection. However, it is the ability to sell skills that will help you grow both personally and financially.

If you are not too effective in this field. Go ahead and take some tips – it will sure be helpful.

10. Learn resilience

Life is not easy. And the fact remains that things do not always turn out the way you want them to. Besides, the road to success is filled with pitfalls and obstacles. But you need to remember that only persistence can defeat resistance – keep moving despite the pain and refuse to hear to people around you calling you to give it up. Always remember that despite failure, you have only moved closer to your goal.

Be a fighter and make winning a habit!