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India has been home to many incredible inventions that have helped shape the world for the better. Be it the number system, invented in ancient India, or the invention of the USB in the 2000s that made it possible for us to carry data, Indians have created many things that have revolutionized the world.

Here are ten of the many incredible Indian inventions:

1. The number system


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2. Takshila — world’s first university

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3. The science of Ayurveda


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4. The concepts of trigonometry, algebra, geometry, and calculus


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5. Cotton cultivation and weaving

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6. Binary number system

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7. Value of Pi









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8. Sanskrit: The primary source of many languages

Sanskrit verse from Bhagavad Gita

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9. Wireless communication, invented by Sir Jagadeesh Chandra Bose


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10. USB drive, co-invented by Ajay Bhatt.


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