Image Source: Thought Catalog

We’ve all done the ‘Why am I single?’ whining far too many times. Here’s why you’re still stuck.

1. You’ve set the bar too high.

You’re hell bent on finding this perfect version of a person. And that person only exists in your brain. That human being is a figment of your imagination. Set the bar a little low, forgive the little things and let somebody appeal to you. People can change, even though it might seem contrary to popular belief.

2. You’re negative about things.

You’re constantly expecting the worst out of everything. A date goes well and you think the next one won’t. You make a joke, your date laughs and you think you won’t be able to come up with another one. Ease up. Things aren’t so bad.

3. You’re after the wrong person.

You’ve been going after that one person you liked forever. Like forever. Like, for years. You should stop because they didn’t see you before so they aren’t going to see you now.

4. You’re in the wrong place.

Sometimes, where you are in the world can deter you from meeting like-minded people. Even though it’s hard, consider moving somewhere else with a bigger pool of people. You’ll get something as opposed to where you might be.

5. You don’t listen.

A huge part about dating is listening. And you don’t. We’re all big fans of talking but you’ve got to let your record stop for a bit and give the other person to speak.

6. You don’t look after yourself.

It’s not that difficult. Shower and clean yourself up. Wear something nice, preferably not crumpled. It really doesn’t take much.

7. You’re hung up on an ex.

You’ve got to close a chapter that’s finished. Relationships aren’t like books that you can flip through the pages and go back. It’s over and you’ve got to look ahead to find someone to date. Otherwise, you’re single.

8. You give up easy.

Persist when it comes to dating. If dating isn’t easy for you, it isn’t for anybody else either. Put yourself out there and take some leaps of faith.

9. You’re being insecure.

You let all your insecurities bubble up and use them to make excuses for why nobody will date you. Don’t make things up when they’re not true. You’re only making it harder for yourself.

10. You’re pretty jaded.

Bad relationships scar everybody in different ways. It’s okay to take your time getting back up but at some point, you’ve got to get back into the game.

You’re a catch. Go and change being single because you can.