Image Source: Metro UK

It can be immensely hurtful to be in a relationship with a partner who has cheated on you. It happens in the best of relationships, and it often leads people to question how, when and what went wrong. But there a myriad of reasons your partner could be tempted to cheat, and they’re not all because there is something wrong with the relationship.

1. Not everyone can resist temptation.

It takes a tough man (or woman), to resist the temptations fate throws in their path. It is human nature to reach out for what we want, regardless of the consequences.

2. The relationship is going through a rough patch.

Sometimes when the relationship isn’t working out so well, it may persuade one or both partner to reach out to someone who understands and supports them. Sympathy can turn into attraction.

3. They feel neglected.

Feeling neglected is a major reason people cheat in relationships. They may not be getting the attention they desire from you, and set out to seek greener pastures.

4. They want to make you jealous.

Cheating doesn’t always mean your partner fell out of love with you, or fell for someone else. Sometimes they might not even care about the other person, and could be doing it only to get your attention and make you jealous. Love manifests itself in strange ways, sometimes.

5. It is a ploy for attention.

People have been known to cheat, or even just pretend to cheat, just to get the attention of their partner. They might be so starved for attention, that they will do anything to catch your eye.

6. Insecurity can sometimes lead to cheating.

Having low esteem and feeling bad about oneself is unfortunately a major modern epidemic, and people battling insecurity often make decisions. Cheating on a loving partner is one of them.

7. They feel like they don’t deserve you.

Sometimes, love can be weird. If a person feels unworthy of their partner, you would think it would make them want to prove their worth to their partner. But sometimes it can make them cheat. Cheating doesn’t solve anything, and it just makes one feel worse about oneself.

8. Attraction has begun to wane.

Sadly, humans get bored of people and things all too often. They often want an upgrade, a challenge, a newer, hotter face. That can lead them into temptation.

9. Maybe they’re not interested in committing to a serious relationship.

Some people bolt at the sight of a relationship getting serious, and do stupid things to sabotage the relationship. Cheating on their partner, suddenly acting weird, or being mean are just some of the ways.

10. Because they’re human.

To err is human, and it happens to everyone. The best of people, in the best of relationships, sometimes find it hard to resist temptation. We are all human, and humans make mistakes.