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To give your home a brand new look, don’t go around looking for fancy and expensive things. These DIY hacks will give you direction, and your house a cool upgrade, without making you pull out all your hair.

1. Add a country-style wagon cart coffee table to your living room.

Image Source: Got That Furniture

2. Make a family tree wall decal using old photos of your loved ones.

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3. Put a DIY centerpiece on your dining table to brighten up the space.

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4. Make a DIY fabric tape side lamp and place it just beside your bed.

Image Source: Brit

5. If you have an unused fireplace at home, place candles of various heights in the fireplace and light them to brighten it up.

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6. Upgrade the shelves of your living room by covering them with fancy fabric or paper ribbon.

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7. Make a creative bookshelf, like the one in the picture, for organizing the books lying on your centertable.

Image Source: Lovethispic

8. Revamp the interiors of your house by slapping a new paint on your walls or by this stamped wall art done using triangular sponges.

Image Source: Betzdesignstudio

9. Change the cushion covers of your living room sofa to give a new look to your living room in an instant.

Image Source: Organizeyourstuffnow

10. Make your own chandelier lights for decorating your living room using old mason jars.

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