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Keeping your home organized and clutter-free can be tough. But this is where we can help. Here are some smart DIY hacks that can help you get your home in order.

1. Use an upright magazine holder to store some of your kitchen supplies. This can help you save space in kitchen cabinets.

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2. Turn old shoe boxes or cereal boxes into wardrobe drawer dividers, so that you can store your clothes in an organized manner.

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3. Use a tension rod to hang up your spray bottles of cleaning products, so that you can keep the cabinet under your sink all cleaned up and organized.

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4. Build a wall storage hanger using wooden pallets to store the things you use regularly, like shoes, socks, inner wear, and door mats.

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5. Use Velcro strips to keep your soft toys organized by attaching half of each strip to the back of the toys and the other half to the wall.

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6. Use magnetic strip to store kitchen items like metal spoons and knives.

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7. Make a wooden bungee wall organizer. It’s great to store everyday accessories.

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8. Keep your extension cords and chargers organized by putting them into washi-tape-decorated toilet rolls.

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9. Make your own phone charging station by cutting a baby lotion plastic bottle into a holder.

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10. Fix a towel bar on your kitchen cabinet door to store the utensil lids and keep them organized in that way.

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