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Are you living your dream? Is this where you imagined you’d be at your age? Chances are, you’re not. And the reason could be very simple. You could unknowingly be sabotaging your steps towards achieving your dream. Change your habits, and see yourself inch closer to your dream within days!

1. Procrastinating.

Do you put things off? Would you much rather finish that important job tomorrow than today? Watch out! Your dreams could also be getting put on the back burner. Bring them back to the fore and stop procrastinating.

2. Giving up too easily.

How easily do you give up? Do you get discouraged by little failures? Small failures are a stepping stone to success. Do not let this habit stand in the way of your achieving big things.

3. Not having a Plan B.

So your primary path of getting to your dream didn’t work out. Does that mean you’ll give up on the dream entirely? If one way doesn’t work out, find another.

4. Blaming others for your failures.

Just like those who achieve their dreams are responsible for their success, similarly, those who don’t, are also responsible for their own failures. Stop blaming the economy, your boss, your education, and go out there and achieve your dream!

5. Making excuses.

Nobody gets handed success on a platter. Everyone has to work for it. If life gives you lemons, rather than making excuses, make lemonade!

6. Cribbing about things that you can’t change.

Crying, whining and complaining will get you nowhere. Actually doing something about the things that bother you will! Go out there and take control of your own destiny.

7. Wasting time.

Did you just while away the last five hours binge watching Netflix? While recreation is certainly important, whiling away huge chunks of time doing nothing will get you no closer to your dream.

8. Not taking care of yourself.

Achievers always devote some time towards health and fitness. Do not neglect your health in a bid to achieve your goals.

9. Not looking your best.

Neglecting personal grooming will do you no favors. While looks don’t matter, looking neat and well turned out do! Make the effort to dress up for work and other aspects of your life, or opportunities may pass you by.

10. Staying in your comfort zone.

While it is easy to keep doing what you’re doing and to never to venture out of your comfort zones, that is not how dreams are achieved. By not taking risks, you are taking the biggest risk of all. To reach your dream, start thinking big and taking risks.

Do any if these ten habits sound familiar? Get rid of your toxic habits, and live your dream with confidence!