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Productivity is directly proportional to your decision-making abilities — the faster you make decisions, the higher is your productivity. Since we need to analyze many things before coming to a conclusion and deciding something, it takes time. Other factors that slow this process down are the habit of overthinking and not trusting your instincts.

In today’s world, where everything around changes at lightning speeds, it becomes essential to accelerate the process of decision making as well. Here are ten tips that will help you become the most productive person you know by significantly changing the way you make decisions:

1. See what needs your immediate attention.

Before you start, take some time to think about what decisions you need to make. Begin with the most crucial one, and then go on to the others. It’s essential for you to understand the immediate priorities and act accordingly. Things that need your urgent attention must be given precedence over things that can be done later.

2. Don’t overthink about the consequences.

While it’s important to know how your decision is going to affect everything around you, don’t overthink about the consequences. Once you start spending more time pondering over the results, you will never get enough courage to make a decision.

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3. Trust yourself and your abilities.

One of the most important factors that affect decision making is self-confidence. If you have faith in yourself, making a decision is a child’s play for you. But if you are skeptical about your own capabilities, you’ll never be able to come to a conclusion.

4. Quickly analyze the positives and negatives.

Since you can’t blindly decide something, you need to analyze the possible positive and negative points of making that decision. See how your decision will impact things and people around; that will help you make a quicker and more efficient decision.

5. List the best options you have.

After analyzing the situation well, make a list of options that you have. Unless you know what your possible choices are, you can’t come to a valid conclusion. Moreover, having some options to choose from makes your decision-making exercise easy.

6. Be open to failure.

It’s important for you to realize that all your decisions are not going to produce significant results. You are a human, and it’s likely that you will also make some mistakes; we all do. So, don’t be hard on yourself. Instead, be open to failure.

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7. Listen to your gut and things you learnt in the past.

Let your past experiences and gut feeling guide you through. Use the lessons that you learned in the past to your advantage by not repeating the mistakes you committed before. Also, your gut feeling is most likely going to come true; keep that in your mind.

8. Don’t let personal factors affect your decision making.

Whether you’re making a personal or professional decision, don’t let other personal factors affect it. Many personal issues often take a toll on us and affect our thinking; the key here is not to let that happen.

9. Don’t rely too much on others.

While it’s good to help others and ask for help when you need it but to make some practical decisions, it’s essential to stop relying on them for everything. Being dependent on others for every other thing is not too good for you. It will either slow your decision-making process down or will make you take the wrong decision.

10. Stop procrastinating.

Postponing everything to tomorrow won’t work too well for you. Apart from making you lose interest in work, it can significantly affect your decision making too. Procrastinating can blow great opportunities for you. If you postpone making a decision, you might also be pushing success away with it.