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All successful entrepreneurs share certain core attributes that help them succeed. So the most obvious way for any aspiring entrepreneur to find success is to know what these attributes are and to make them second nature. If you find yourself staring up the ladders of a journey in entrepreneurship, here are 10 attributes that’ll serve you well:

1. Vision

To be able to think of an idea and visualize it far into the future, and seeing how it fits in the grand scheme of things, is an important trait for any successful entrepreneur. Every successful entrepreneur’s journey begins with a vision.

2. Passion

Passion is a buzzword in any profession. If you’re passionate about your idea, your vision, and your business, you’re more likely to be driven, self-motivated, hard-working, and persistent — the key ingredients for success.

3. Risk-taking

When you decide to turn your big idea into reality, you take the first of many risks to come as part of being an entrepreneur. If you’re determined to find success, you’ve got to increase your risk appetite and be more smart about taking risks.

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4. Adaptability

Change in business is guaranteed. The economy might change, your idea may be executed by another entrepreneur before you do, the expenses might shoot up — but a good entrepreneur will accept and adapt to change whenever it occurs.

5. Good with people

This attribute is sometimes overlooked, but actually plays a crucial role in how much success an entrepreneur can find. Because every single thing you do after coming up with an idea involves people.

6. Resourcefulness

An entrepreneur may not have many resources at their disposal in the early stages. In these times, they’re tested to make the most of whatever limited resources they have. The more resourceful you can be, the more success you can achieve quickly.

7. Learner

Successful entrepreneurs take learning to different levels. You’ve to constantly learn more about the market, the industry, the competition, the economy, the scope — so that you stay a couple of steps ahead of things.

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8. Self-belief

An entrepreneur may face plenty of bumps along the way. They may be beaten by people and circumstances, and their luck may be on vacation. But successful entrepreneurs continue to believe in themselves, which gives them power to march on.

9. Resilient

Before displaying self-belief, successful entrepreneurs display high levels of resilience to absorb the shocks that come their way from facing tough obstacles on the path. No matter how much they fall, they challenge themselves to get up and move.

10. Perseverance

Perhaps the most important of entrepreneurial traits is perseverance. The journey is so long and arduous that it often takes years for things to finally start falling in place. Giving up before that would be denying yourself the chance to succeed.