Image Source: Clean Mama

1. Attach small sections of PVC pipes on the inside of a cabinet to store your hair appliances.

Image Source: The Family Handyman

2. Hang a make-up organizer just next to your dressing table to find your make-up items easily during rush hour.

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3. Use tension curtain rods to create a divider for cutting board and other flat kitchen accessories.

Image Source: DIYnCrafts

4. Use mason jars to store essential items and enhance your bathroom wall storage.

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5. Use a wall-hanging magazine rack to store all the lids of your utensils.

Image Source: DIYnCrafts

6. Use a crown molding to hang your heels from the wall.

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7. Keep your shoe wardrobe organized by hanging your boots using pant hangers.

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8. Use command hooks or sticky adhesive hooks to hang your jewelry items on the inside of your closet door.

Image Source: HWH

9. To store cleaning supplies, make use of a shoe organizer.

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10. Hang baskets near your bathroom door to store towels and shower supplies.

Image Source: Simple DIY2

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