Image Source: Lipstiq

If you’re a serial dater, your emotional health may be at stake. While most of us have had to kiss many frogs before finding our prince, and have dated multiple people, sometimes it’s just one frog too many! Here’s when you should stop and take a break.

1. You find it hard to keep track of all your dates.

Dating multiple people can be fun and freeing, but when you start forgetting to show up to dates, and have a hard time keeping the names of your potential partners straight, you need to take a step back. Perhaps you even need a break.

2. Dating apps are your main way of meeting people.

Falling in love is something that happens outside the world of Tinder and Woo. If your sole source of dates are online dating sites, maybe you need to do something different.

3. You have no time to focus on your personal life.

Between work, the multiple dates you have scheduled for the week, and all the texting, you have hardly any time for yourself. If me-time is an alien concept to you, you need to break from dating.

4. Dating is sapping all your energy.

If you feel yourself shuttling between the people you are dating, and find it stressing you out, perhaps you should go easy on the dating front. Dating shouldn’t take up all your energy, time and brain space.

5. Your relationships have all been short.

Have you flitted from relationship to relationship with little or no breaks in between? Do you not recall any of your relationships lasting longer than a year? You are possibly a serial dater, and are addicted to dating. A break might help.

6. You’re quick to rate potential partners.

If you find yourself rating everyone you meet as a potential partner, and often judge people harshly, perhaps you’re dating too much, and need to take a break.

7. You find yourself addicted to attention from the opposite sex.

Serial daters often find that their self worth is tied to attention from the opposite sex. They cannot function without appreciation and compliments, and start doubting themselves if they don’t get enough attention. That is a sure sign that they need to take a break from dating.

8. Dating has stopped being fun.

Meeting new people, dating them and forming meaningful connections is supposed to be fun and exciting. It should not seem like a chore, which has to be completed in order to find love. If dating has started to seem like a chore, stop now.

9. You’re always making excuses to cancel dates.

If you find yourself glad of excuses to avoid dates, and are happy when someone cancels on you, maybe you need to take a break from dating.

10. You have given up on finding love.

You have resigned yourself to a life of serial dating, without ever committing to one person, because you think you won’t find love. Taking a break from dating will help you reevaluate your life, and perhaps find love.