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2015 was a great year for technology and gadgets. Be it wearables or hoverboards, this year we got many pleasant surprises. Here’s a list of ten gadgets that we saw in 2015:

1. Apple watch

Price: $499 to $17,000

Features like daily activity tracker, voice control, apps and Siri, make the Apple watch the perfect wearable. You can also answer calls with the help of its inbuilt microphone and speaker. Available in exciting colors and variants, this watch has been made to grab eyeballs.

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Price: $8,999

Combining the highest screen resolution with with a display technology that delivers the highest contrasts, LG 4k OLED TV takes picture quality to a new level. A palette of richer colors and darkest contrasts enhances the lifelike experience.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Price: $999

With a crisp AMOLED screen, fine metallic finishing, 16 megapixels fast launching camera and an advanced fingerprint scanner, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge stands apart from other smartphones in its category. The cordless charging option is the main highlight of this phone, making it one of the best smartphones available today.
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4. Microsoft Surface Book

Price: $2299 to $4199

Microsoft’s first ever laptop, with a metallic body and a detachable 13.5 inch crisp screen is a treat for the eyes. All its components have been designed in the most elegant way possible and the choice to use Intel Core i7 chip and 16 GB RAM make it everyone’s dream laptop.

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5. Motorized skateboards

Price: $798- $1199

Probably one of the best gadgets of 2015, these two-wheeled battery-powered skateboards let riders glide from place to place. It’s a fun experience to ride these skateboards and they are highly addictive too.

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6. Samsung Gear S2

Price: $499

A spinning top, light weight and the ease to operate make it different from its competitors. With a 1.2 inch screen and the ease of connecting it to Google Android phones, Samsung Gear S2 has established a niche in the market.

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7. Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Price: $1229- $1529

Apple introduced many new features in its latest iPhone like an enhanced 12 megapixel camera, 3D touch actions that respond to pressure on the screen and a stronger frame. It also offers image stabilization and better battery backup than the previous models.

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8. Garmin Varia Bike Radar

Price: $389

This device has redefined bike safety with features like display alerts riders to cars approaching from behind, showing their progression with a moving dot. It also comes with a rear light that flashes to alert drivers about your presence.


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9. GoPro Hero4 Session

Price: $580

GoPro simplified the problems of operating an adventure camera to shoot videos by coming up with Hero4 Session. Half in size as compared to the others, it still captures HD footage, slo-mo videos and great pictures. This amazing device is waterproof as well, making it the best among its competitors.

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10. Fitbit Surge

Price: $400

This year Fitbit introduced a touch sensitive screen to its wearable devices, making monitoring heart beats and phone notifications easier. It has other features like GPS tracking, several sports modes and water resistance upto 50 m.

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