Image Source: Master Mind

Friends that double as hook-ups, with no strings attached? Isn’t that secretly everyone’s dream? Because who could understand you better than your best friend, right? Here’s why friends with benefits, or “f**k buddies”, as they’re often called, are the best!

1. No awkwardness involved.

Awkwardness is for strangers; why would there be any awkwardness between friends? Combat the embarrassment random one-night stands bring, by sleeping with someone who’s already a friend!

2. They know what your romantic status is.

Heartbroken, looking for love, or happy solo-whatever your status may be, a friend knows it already. There is no need for awkward explanations or ‘It’s not you, it’s me’s. They know what your scene is and don’t expect more.

3. You know each other as well as two people possibly could.

Sex is always better with people who know you well, and can predict what you’ll like. Friends have a much better chance of being compatible in bed with each other, than, say random strangers who hooked up.

4. No strings required.

Sex with a friend is quick, gratifying and with no strings or obligations attached. You don’t have to make promises, or commit; they’re probably just as glad for the freedom as you are.

5. They know their way around your house.

No morning-after awkwardness! They’ve been and slept in your house tons of times, and this is just like any one of those.

6. They might even make you breakfast!

Spending the night with a close friend means that they feel comfortable enough to prowl round your house and help themselves to food. Who knows? They might even make you pancakes for breakfast!

7. You won’t be judged.

Friends don’t judge you, they judge other people with you! Sleeping with a friend means that you are free from slut-shaming, at least in the eyes of your friend. How can they judge you after all, when they are doing the exact same thing you are!

8. Who better than a friend to share intimacy with?

With friends, emotional intimacy already exists. They have seen us at our worst and still love us. Add physical intimacy to the mix, and you have a heady cocktail!

9. It’s convenient.

You already spend most of your free time together. Adding sex to the agenda, is convenient, practical and fun. It just makes more sense.

10. You can experiment.

Sex with a friend, whether of the same sex or different is always wild and quirky. You are free from the shackles of a romantic relationship, can be as wacky as you want. Try out all your fantasies; no one will judge you here.