How to Shop for The Season Ahead

As the mercury is soaring high it’s time to drop the layers and pep up the style quotient. Nothing makes us happier than clothes, clothes & more clothes!
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Why Speed Dating Might Be An Experience To Have

Break out of your comfort zone and be free.
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What To Do When Everything’s Confusing

It’s okay if your brain is mush right now. Mush is still better than nothing.
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9 Simple Habits To Make You A Stronger, Happier, And Better Person

Everyone aspires to be stronger, happier, and better. Here's how you can make that come true.
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5 Things In Life That Are More Important Than Happiness

Happiness isn't the be-all and end-all of life.
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Why India’s Cultural Appropriation Bothers Its Youth

You can’t pick the colorful parts and say you love it all.
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Why Being Single Isn’t The Absolute Worst

Single and not ready to mingle has a pretty sweet ring to it.
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Why Letting Love Go Might Be The Best Option

It might not be the sweetest goodbye but you’ll be better for it.
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7 Ways In Which Your Life Changes When You Choose Forgiveness Over Everything

By  •  Life
Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong, not the weak.
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9 Quotes On Religion That Will Help You Find The Right Meaning To Life

By  •  Life
Find meaning and encouragement in different religious scriptures.
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10 Jobs That Are Claimed To Be The Happiest In The World

By  • Work

There are jobs that can make you happy.

6 Things You Should Stop Doing Immidiately For Everlasting Happiness

By  • Happiness

Cutting down on some of your habits can help you find happiness.

15 Silliest Things People Do Willingly After Falling In Love

By  • Relationship

Everything he says and does seems funny, though in reality, it's not.

Sarbjit: What You Can Expect From This Film About The Real Life Story Of Sarabjit Singh

The film has failed to attract audiences and received below average to poor reviews and rating.

Why Dating Doesn't Always Have To Be About Sparks Flying

By  • Dating

Sometimes, it’s a slow reaction and it’s completely worth it.

5 Signs Your New Partner Is Pleasantly Different From Your Ex

There’s always something better after that one terrible ex.

14 Inspiring Quotes For Anyone In Pursuit Of Self-Improvement

The self-improvement journey is long, lonely, and tiring.

9 Mistakes That Keep You From Achieving Success In Life

By  • Success

Success comes from taking positive steps in the right direction.

10 Life Lessons That Every One Learns After A Miserable Heart Break

Heartbreaks can influence your life positively, too.

10 Self Help Books That Will Completely Change You As A Person

By  • Books

Books that change you for the better.

7 Undeniable Facts Why Waking Up Early Makes You Highly Productive

There are many benefits to starting your day early.

10 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs That Separate Them From The Rest

By  • Success

They develop habits that help them learn, grow and perform.

15 Questions To Ask The Person You're Going To Marry

By  • Relationship

You may find yourself fond of someone in the moment but..

5 Things You Can Never Change About Your Partner And Shouldn't Even Try

Our partners get along a certain way with certain people and things. There’s nothing you can do to change that.

5 Things To Always Remember When Everything Seems To Be Against You

By  • Life

Its no matter if things aren’t working. They will.


8 Reasons To Convince You To Take The Road Less Traveled

Make your choices regardless of how unpopular they are.

7 Simple Ways To Be Happier That Are Hard To Believe

By  • Happiness

Not all sources of happiness are created equal.

9 Ways You Can Easily Make Your Lunch Break Much More Productive

Take some time out to enjoy your lunch break.

5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date A Girl Who Doesn't Need You

By  • Relationship

She doesn't need you but she sure will love you more.